Superintendent's Note

Another productive week at all three courses. We have been really enjoying the cool down taking place here in the central valley. With the days becoming shorter and the night time temps coming down its been really great for maintenance and the players. September can be a beast when it comes to hot weather but I am hoping this weather continues into September. We will be aerating the greens and tees at Creekside on 9/14 and 9/15 as well as over seeding the tees with rye grass on these days. I have began making preparations for these two days as a lot planning must go into the process. We will be checking over all of the equipment, ordering new tines, ordering amendments, ordering sand, ordering fertilizer, and so on. We will put out a slow release fertilizer just after Labor Day to ensure a quick recovery on the greens.  Yesterday Kemper managers and myself played nine holes of golf at Creekside after our meeting to see how the course was playing and to discuss some up coming tournaments.

At Dryden and Muni we sprayed another preventive fungicide for rapid blight on the greens. After speaking with Dr.Todd Bunnel about the greens at Dryden and Muni (they are little on the bumpy side) we agreed on a plan to implement starting next Monday. Instead of grooming (grooming is a less disruptive form of vertical mowing) and top dressing every other week we will do it every week instead. This should help manage the thatch which is the issue and smooth out the surface. We are also working hard daily on running as little water as possible without getting the greens to stressed. The greens at Dryden and Muni will continue to be a challenge towards the end of summer until the salts come down in the well water (a wet winter would help with this), greens are watered with potable water (unlikely solution), or the greens get rebuilt. The greens at Dryden and Muni however can putt great during the spring, early summer, fall, and winter. Bottom line when speaking with the pro shops and players everyone is seeing significant progress over last year at this time.  Also at Dryden I attached a picture of what the rooting of the new bermuda grass sod looks like on number two. Bermuda is an amazing turf type as it roots in very quickly, loves the heat, tolerates high salt conditions, and serves as a great lie for the ball. If we can get the contractor get the watering under control then we will be in great shape there. In regards to the tree down on number two tee at Dryden I am waiting to hear back from Chad Adams in regards to Ray's crew removing the tree. I did speak to Chad this morning and he remains hopeful that the city crew can take care of it tomorrow. As always please contact me with any questions or concerns and have a great weekend.

Take care,